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This Laboratory is the oldest Research laboratory of the institute which was developed by Prof G C Nandi in the year 2001. Our vision is to nurture young minds towards creativity and steer their talents towards high quality research in different areas of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics under the broad area of Information technology and Computer Science. The Laboratory has been recognized as a center of Robotics research and Machine Intelligence recently.We have our state of the art facility to learn fundamental as well as advanced concepts of Artificial intelligence (AI), especially Machine Intelligence including Deep Learning. The center is nurturing young talents of Undergraduate and Post graduates students through an official Robotics club of Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad known as Robita. The club is physically housed in the Robotics and Machine Intelligence Center of the Institute at Computer Center-1 (CC-1) building. The center is nurturing the need of the knowledge thrust of the research scholars by creating a state of the art robotics and Machine Intelligence laboratory with all modern facilities. The Laboratory is open round the clock. Beyond the normal classroom hours, our students get plenty of opportunities to put their passions and talents into action. Robita provides the students to do the same. The main focus of Robotics and Machine Intelligence laboratory is to design and innovate state of the art technology using machine learning techniques, especially deep learning techniques and apply them to create frame works for multi modal ( Vision, Speech, gesture) Human -Robot Interactions, Intelligent Robot Grasping, Mobile Robot navigation both in indoor and out door environment. Also at the beginner's level we encourage students to learn about robots by building them using LEGO Mindstorm and other kits & using software frameworks like ROS, Choregraphe, WEBOT, IGRIP etc.


Prof. (Dr.) P. Nagabhushan

Hon. Director

IIIT Allahabad


Prof G C Nandi

IIIT Allahabad

Dr R Kala

IIIT Allahabad

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